The Culture

Down south Sri Lankan culture has its unique form of hospitality. Influenced by the Theravada Buddhism and the traditional value system of fishing and farming culture.

Culture Resort is in Polhena, which is a traditional fishing and farming hamlet, in Matara. In farming culture, food is often offered as a way of showing respect and connectedness. Whereas, the fishing cultural value system represents the notion that " you better enjoy your life here and now".

This attitude towards life may be due to the nature of their fishing livelihood which is highly dependent on luck and inherently risky, contrast to the farming culture.

Our Vision
we operate on is "Enjoy life, eat good foods, live by the sea, you are one of our clan".

Our Mission
To provide guests with memorable experiences of unique "Down south hospitality in a serene and tranquil ambience created the sea.

We are a local family based small business, endeavoring to engage in ethical and sustainable business.

+94-770059841 (Sri Lanka)
+61-447531860 (Australia)
24, Beach Road, Matara, Sri Lanka.

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