Relax &

Unwind by the Sea

Our beachfront hotel is an architectural masterpiece boasting rustic and minimalistic themes. It offers a range of accommodation options to suit every traveler’s needs, including spacious double rooms, family rooms, and cozy two-bedroom apartments. Our rooms are larger than those in other hotels and are thoughtfully designed to provide comfort along with stunning views of the magnificent Indian Ocean.

Additionally, guests have the option to book the entire hotel, which accommodates up to 25 guests—ideal for family reunions or corporate functions. Culture Resort also features a mini-library for those who enjoy indulging in reading.

Furthermore, we offer complimentary snorkeling gear for turtle watching and free bicycles to explore the local culture. Day tours can be arranged for whale watching, crocodile watching, and safaris
at National Parks.

Our Culture

Welcome to the Culture Resort, a boutique hotel nestled in the serene fishing hamlet known as “Polhena”which translates to “coconut grove” in the local language. It is a heaven of tranquility and charm, where unspoiled beauty of pristine beaches, a rich tapestry of history, and a profound sense of community seamlessly converge.

Southern Sri Lanka boasts its own unique subculture, characterised by it’s own traditions and nuances in local dialects, that set it apart from the rest of the island. Distinct way of life here, is deeply intertwined with the coastal living and the output of coconut palms, which support their way of life.

Our culture is expressed through our cousins, our unique hospitality and the enduring character of our people. In down-south culture, a guest is not merely a visitor but cherished royalty under our roof.

Polhena is my home town, our dedicated team hails from this very locality. Please come and experience our culture, it is a feeling

Prasad, Owner - Culture Resort

Sunsets and Memories: Create Timeless Moments at Our Beach Hotel

Our Suites

2 Bedroom Apartment

This two-bedroom apartment, covering an impressive 48.5 square meters,
offers a cozy and comfortable living space

Deluxe Double Room

Average size: 27 sqm / 290 sqft
Occupancy: 2 adults, 1 child
Bed: king or twin

Triple Room

Average size: 42 sqm / 452 sqft
Occupancy: 3 adults, 1 child
Bed: king or twin

Quadruple Room

Average size: 55 sqm / 592 sqft 
Occupancy: 4 adults
Bed: King or Queen
Bathroom: bath tub and walk-in shower